Fedora 7 Reloaded

So, finally... After battling with my frustration, I decided to give Fedora 7 another try... And here I am! Posting from Fedora 7! With Wireless!!!

How? Simple. I just added the livna repos, installed ndiswrapper, then the driver:

#ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5.inf
#modprobe ndiswrapper

Added ndiswrapper to modules.conf, and bcm43xx & bcm43xx_mac80211 to the blacklist, and voilá!!!

And yes, well, the trick was... I'm using Fedora 64bit. So the expected driver should be too for 64bit..

So, anyway, if anybody has the same problem... I happen to have a bcmwl5.inf file --that means, a windows driver-- for 64 bits!! And it works very well with my bcm4318...


Anonymous said...

i have an issue:

have amilo 1655g notebook with broadcom wifi card.

installed throught yum ndiswrapper and loaded bcmwl5 driver with him.

wifi connected to my AP (i see this in 'iwconfig' output)
appeared wlan0 device in 'ipconfig' output but can't ping or do anything network-related else throught device!

gurito said...

Ok, could you be more specific as to how did you connect?

Do you have an ip?

Could you leave your email?? haha