Fedora 7

I was waiting with so much hope for this release... I left Fedora Core 6 and switched to Arch because FC6 was using too much memory --in my opinion--, and was too slow at boot time. And I'm not really fond of free free free distros --I rather like having Sun Java and the drivers for Nvidia in an easier way (not that FC6 is difficult)--, besides, I hate rpm. Anyway, Fedora, inspite of using rpm, and being "free" and all, is a distro I like a lot!

So, anyway, I downloaded the KDE live cd for x86_64 yesterday, installed it and waited for today in order to begin the eternal Wireless Battle. And I'm very, VERY, dissapointed with the milliards of strugles that I had in order to not even succeeding in enabling my wlan card! Not to mention that whenever I restarted the volume mixer dissappeared from the taskbar, along with the Knetworkmanager applet.

Once I was a person eager to install difficult distributions, and I really enjoyed the eternal hardware struggles. Nevertheless, now I just don't have the time and, although I continue with my addiction to install different distributions, I find myself looking for distributions which offer me not only stability, but usability, flexibility and simplicity.

So, what I like right now is:

  1. Arch Linux.- Ok, maybe the installation and system administration is somewhat technical. But, it is simple, the configuration files are (or seem) highly standardized (I just want to say that they are where they should, and they are called how they should), and the administration, though technical, is completely straightforward. Not to mention their package managment system Pacman, which I find (in my humble opinion) a true community approach.
  2. Sidux.- Very practical indeed, since it is based on Debian. The system administration though, is a little complicated --if you don't really know how to use debian. Overall, despite the horrible horrible artwork, I find it to be a very good distro.
  3. Foresight Linux.- Ok, a little bloated with Conary --which takes so much memory that you need at least 1GB of RAM--, the distro is really gorgeous and somewhat stable... It lacks of some packages though. And a bootsplash. Oh, and no 64-bit version :(
  4. PCLinuxOS.- I'm taking a risk here... Usually I don't speak of distros which I haven't really used --for more than one week. However, I think PCLinuxOS may have something good under the hood. I like, specially, the System Configuration. Though it lacks a 64-bit version.
Anyway, that's it for today.