Live Gaia

Many of the problems we live today happen because most of the people are not conscious of where do they come from and whom should they show respect to.

Absurd power-driven fights; excessive entertaining devices --such as TV, Video Games, etc...-- which produce idiot-like behavior; environmentally-unfriendly technological advance, marketing and consumism; as well as old fashioned religions --which violate some basic human rights, negate animal consciousness, don't contemplate the environment in which we live, negate life, etc... All this is a result of the overwhelming ignorance with which we all are living day by day...

I say, it is time for a new kind of religion. And with "religion" I mean "way of living".
I say, it is time to care for each other and for the world in which we live in.
I say, we are the world, we create it constantly, together with all the other free souls living in it. And we, as we are, come as a result of this creation. And we are responsible for what we do.
I say, there's no Satan, there's no God. We, Gaia, the set of all the free souls in this universe, are God and are Satan.
There's no heaven or hell. Life itself is our heaven or our hell.
I say it's time to stop delegating things on "god" or "satan" and start taking the responsibilities of our own actions.
I say we live and take the responsibility of that life.