I dreamed I hugged you

In a dream I was hugging you. I said I love you, I said. Me too, you said, and, after softly kissing my lips... your right hand my left ear, your mouth my right ear. Your hand spoke to me in the lowest of whispers as your mouth caressed me with the smoothest touch. Me too, you said again. You gave me goosebumps and my stomach turned into millions of bubbles popping everywhere so loud I thought you were able to hear them.

A dark room, mostly quiet except for two arrhythmic breathing noises. A few strypes of moonlight make their way through the semi-open blinds covering a window and lie smoothly, deforming theirselves, on a white sheet. Underneath, the figures of two bodies, moving slowly, following the rhythm of the breathing sounds.

I'm not hugging you anymore. As if someone had pressed a fast-forward button, we're suddenly lying on the grass. We're on some kind of park, some birds are singing and, in the distance, some other people and children are playing, laughing... We don't do anything special, we're just there. Fast-forward again, everything is moving too fast to follow and, after the blur, we find ourselves at the same place, eating a home made salad. What are you thinking? you ask me. Hmmm.. nothing, I say, Why?... Well, you seem so distant, so far away. And I felt suddenly so alone and I missed you.

One of the bodies moves a little and lets out a little moan. The figures are a little bit clearer now. One of them is definitely a woman, the other, the one with the shorter darker hair is most probably a man. After another, rather quiet moan, she moves again and turns to face him. Then, moving very naturally, almost as if being awake, she wraps the man wit her arm around his waist, drawing herself closer to him until they seem just one strangely formed lump under the bed sheet, barely illuminated by the moonlight.

I've been here the whole time, I tell you. I got distracted for a minute with that airplane that just flew past, but other than that I'm with you... Always with you.
...It's okay, you tell me while you caress me softly on the cheek. "It's okay", your voice keeps echoing on my head. I love your voice --did I just say that? Or just thought it?... After a giggle and a quick kiss.me.on.the.lips, I know I must have said it aloud.... Oh, well, it's true, so it doesn't really matter.
You're thinking aloud again, you tell me as you giggle once more. No I'm not! I say, trying to sound offended but not actually succeeding at it.

The room is getting clearer now and the light stripes on the bed start slowly to change their color, from pale blue to an almost undistinguishable shade of yellow. At the same time, temperature begins to increase and, as all this happens, a series of slight, subtle movements emerges from both figures. The first signs of consciounsness taking over.

This time there wasn't a fast forward effect. Instead, a new scenario just plopped around and underneath us. Lots of people, most of them with big bags, and they all seem to be in a hurry. I cannot really tell though, everything is a little blurry. There are signs everywhere and somehow all this gives me the impression of being at an airport. I look at you and your big, beautiful eyes speak to me in that private, intimate language only we know. We are both sad, and somehow happy at the same time. I'll miss you, you say. And I know I will miss you too. I'm always there, I say, I'm yours. And you know you're mine. You walk towards me, stand on your toes and, carefully, reach my lips with yours. I wrap my arms around you and we kiss good bye... Suddenly it starts getting warmer and are those birds I hear? I ask softly while still holding you between my arms...

Birds have started singing outside the window. The light stripes on the bed are much brighter now, turning the shadows cast by the blinds into mere blurry traces of gray lines. The sheet is now on the floor and both figures are totally clear to see. They are facing each other, legs interwined, his arm around her ending with his hand on her back, her arm over his ending with her hand on his back. Her hair lying softly on the pillow. Both noses so close they could easily be chatting about the weather.
...Morning finally comes and, as consciousness takes over, they slowly wake up.

Good Mornin'! I dreamed I was hugging you, I say... Wait! You said!