Once in a while

«Brrrr» my legs. Cold. Feet. Cold. Everything is dark, not pitch dark though, just dark. Ugh, my right hand is numb. Damn, how long have I been lying down? How long have I been asleep?

I open my eyes. Just a little so I can slowly get used to the daylight. GOD! Everything hurts...

Flashes of memories come to my mind like movie scenes of some sort. A crowded place; people sort of dancing, they seem happy... And sweaty.

«Hmm», a little moan finds its way out of my throat. What time is it? I grab my cellphone --I always leave my cellphone by the bed so I can easily reach it when I need it, it's also my alarm clock and you never know when you're going to get an important call-- and press a random key. As the screen illuminates, another flash comes to my mind.

Green eyes, glasses, a green corduroy blazer (strange for this time of year), a black turtleneck. Then, some friends of mine. We are all standing on this crowded place. It seems like a party of some sorts. We are drinking a Rothaus Pils --I like that beer.

"10:15 am" reads the cellphone. I feel a twitch on the left side of my neck so I turn to my left side to calm the pain.

Green eyes, dark brown hair neatly combed in a ponytail, red cheeks, smooth white skin, red-pink lips not too big and not too thin... "hmmm... kissable" I think. We are dancing. The song: "Mr. Vain" from some 80's artist whose name I can't recall. I'm all sweaty, but it doesn't matter and I keep dancing... So does she.

As I turn I think "damn, I'm to old for this shit".

The music goes on, but it's getting late and I have to work tomorrow. She's thinking the same thing. We exchange looks and we both know then that we want to leave. So we say goodbye to our friends, I put my jacket on, she does the same with her blazer. On our way out we both know what's going to happen next. It's all just a matter of asking. We talk nonsense; which kind of music do you like, what book are you reading, things of the sort. I ask her for her phone number and she gives it to me. We say goodbye a couple of times... Somehow we don't manage to leave though.

I lay on my left side now and the pain on the neck eases. I'm both, surprised and not really surprised to find her lying down beside me, still deeply asleep, her green eyes behind her eyelids now. I try not to wake her up and, as I watch her face --carefully, as if trying to engrave her features on my mind--, I wonder if we'll ever see each other again...