What we may say is of no importance. Feelings, love, passion, promises of loyalty, it is all nonsense. Not that they don't exist, or don't mean anything. They do. But, we shall ask ourselves when do they really mean what they are supposed to mean? Are there situations in which they cease existing? Are there circumstances powerful enough to render them useless? The answer, although highly subjective, is yes. After all, humans are highly complex living creatures who like to make use of their free will. And just like cats, they don't usually have other owner than themselves, which clearly explains why their sometimes impredictable behaviour. Thus, one person may give itself completely to another one at a time, and go away at another time. In other words, people usually try to do whatever they want; in an egocentric fashion, they try to please themselves by fulfilling their own wishes, sometimes regardless of the consequences.

Following this line of reason, the idea becomes clearer:

I am yours as much as I want to. Not more, not less.