The man with the hat [ I ]

«Finally, some rest»

«Yes, you deserved that already»
«This one was kind of tough. Tough is good. The effect will last a little longer»
«But not long enough. You know that»
«I know, it keeps getting worse»

The mutilated rests of what appeared to have been once a man rested scattered on the long grown grass. Except for a few insects and perhaps one or two wild animals, not a soul was there to be seen. There was plenty of time, and much to be done.

«How many Trents still alive?»
«371 on this town»
«Good, let's finish this one already... I'm getting hungry»

The procedure was not simple. The first thing to do was to heavily drug the Trent (or Alex, depending on the case) in order to keep him alive and conscious as long as possible. The drugs should not, in any case, make him numb, their solely purpose was to render him immobile. Then the Trent would have to be undressed, taking care of stealing whatever money he could have, cleaning every piece of metal and disposing of the rest with the clothes. Not a single drop of blood should be dropped until the Trent was already on the ground. Once naked and on the ground, he would be cut into pieces --starting at the feet, trying to keep him alive and suffering as much as possible-- and the flesh was to be ripped off of the bones. Identifiable body parts, such as teeth and fingers, were treated with special care --teeth, actually, were disposed apart, thrown to the ocean or buried in a graveyard. Finally, three piles were made, one with the clothes, one with the bones and one with the flesh. Everything was then soaked with gasoline and set on fire. The bones and other parts which weren't consumed by the it were to be buried on different spots and no less than two meters underground.

The whole thing was disgusting and he always ended throwing up. But also, temporarily relieved.