Missing you

I have always enjoyed a taking a cold shower on very hot days. Today was a very hot day, and when I got home, I was very tired from riding my bike all the way from the train station. I was soaked in sweat and breathing heavily. The first thing I thought as I opened the door was about cold water on my naked skin. I went straight up to my room, got rid of my clothes --not without difficulty--, and then went to take a shower. As I felt the water streams hit my body and washed myself, I closed my eyes and thought of you. I heard some noises, probably just the wind playing with a door, but all the same I suddenly found myself fantasizing. Perhaps it was not the wind, but you. Perhaps you were here, in my room, waiting for me. I thought about it. It wasn't impossible, The entrance door was open, so you could as well have entered the house, climbed up the stairs and then went into my room.

I rinsed myself, got out, partially dried myself up, put on my boxers and went to my room. I knew I wouldn't find you there, I knew it was just a fantasy. I took a step into my room, then the second step, then turned to see the rest of it...

I didn't see you there.

-I miss you-