My hollow me

In a dream I had a life. I remember being able to think clearly; I remember being aware of myself and being aware of everything else. I remember... I remember...

All that is left now is that:

I remember those abstract, now unreachable, terms which were once so natural. Love, happiness, trust... Their names are now just faint echoes of the sounds produced by their letters.

The pain is unbearable. It weighs tons and makes it impossible for me to move. I think I've lost weight. I've definitely lost energy and I don't have a purpose to live other than inertia.

I'm empty, just like a shell without any contents. My loving capability has been severed and I don't know if I'm ever going to heal.

I am not worth anything anymore. You can dispose of me whenever you like, however you like. Meanwhile, use me however it best fits your will, for I won't protest or defend myself anymore.