... and I turn slowly to my left hand. My empty eyes, black as unconsciousness, meet with what it seems to be the ashen rests of a broken heart. I realise suddenly that I should cry; I'd like to cry. My mouth opens as to start letting a stream of words flow to it, but it closes as soon as it opened, letting no sound escape. I sigh and, without moving my hand, I turn my head up again and walk. My expression is completely void of life, the other persons, if any, that look at me find only emptyness. As I keep my slow pace, looking everything, watching everyone, thinking nothing, feeling even less, I get a glimpse of dim light. It lasts just the tiniest millisecond. And it is during this eternity that the once ashen heart, dead on my left hand, comes to life again, pumping the juice of life through my veins...

For the tiniest lapse of time there, I felt I'm not permanently dead.

It's alive!