Lies make it better

I live submerged in my own reality. Call it a view --a point of view if you will--, call it whatever you like, it makes no difference. The fact remains that I'm all the time swimming in an ocean of lies. Lies everywhere I turn to, lies everywhere around me. These lies are responsible of keeping me alive, they constitute the air that I breathe, I drink them on my cup of tea and feed on them whenever I eat something. It is because of them that I think I understand the world and whatever happens on it. It is thanks to them that I'm able to interact with other people, and it is mostly them who form images on my mind for each one of these people I interact with. 

I grew up thinking I should always be honest. As honest as possible. But how can I be honest, when all I know are lies? All I live and create is a big fat lie. Now, I must be exaggerating, you'd say, I must be overreacting to one or two bad experiences, you'd argue. But think about it. If a lie is a false view on reality, something that describes something else highly unaccurately, and if everyone can think only subjectively --meaning, that everyone has his or her own view of the facts, which is merely natural, because of the nature of our brains--, then everything comes as a point of view, a subjective view. Hence, non accurately described, hence, a lie. Now, you may keep arguing, and I may keep arguing back... I won't, and you won't. Simply because this post, this "reality", this view, is about me. It's my own personal lie. 

Anyway, it's not just about points of view and subjectivity. It's also about who you are, how people see you. I think I don't know a single person who is 100% him(her)self. We all struggle to belong to a social group, we all struggle to find where do we fit the best, we all want to be loved and looked up to. So there's an expansion to this ocean of lies. It's not just the way I see the world, it's also the way I present myself to the world. I create a reality for me, where I can live in, and I create a character, an alter ego, who lives in another realities --namely, other people's realities. Then, on one reality, I'm this really quiet guy who works and reads, and listens to music and doesn't really do anything else; on another reality, I'm this really funny guy, who likes to speak in different languages and makes jokes and is really sensitive and lovable and loves a lot too; on another reality, I'm a perfect gentleman, who can cook, speaks smoothly, dresses well, has good taste in books, films, etc.; on another reality I'm the best friend anyone could have; and so on, and so forth... 

I don't know about you, but I'm getting the hang of this and I'm also starting to see the possibilities. Why not use this to my advantage?  I mean, it's something normal, everybody does it. I'll just do it consciously. Let the people see only what I want them to see. 

Manipulative, you say?  Nah...  Me?   Uncapable.  I'm a perfectly honest guy ;)

Thanks for showing me how cruel the world really is.