Closing circles

As I already said once, time is an illusion, a mere political agreement, by which humans in a society interact with each other. That said, we have that time doesn't exist as such and, while it sets a standard for most activites, it doesn't necessarily has the same effect on each person. Thus, regarding experiences, ideas, way of thinking, moral values, etc... people move at different speeds. These can, however, be measured.

Cycles, opposite to what one may think, have a beginning and an end. The interaction between two or more humans can be measured in cycles; one individual starts some interaction with another one, and keeps on going until some objective is fullfilled. Success in reaching the goal of a specific cycle is what I call "closing a circle". Now, cycles don't have much to do with the political concept of time. An interrupted cycle may stay in that state for an indefinite amount of time until it is closed --say, either the objective is fullfilled, or by other means like psychotherapies.

Today I closed a circle.

Thanks everybody... thanks :)