The Soul Eater

Fatal, unstoppable, the soul eater makes his way through the masses, walks ineffably towards his one and only goal: devoure more souls.  As it happens, he has just found one.

Moving with the precision of a natural hunter, he corners his pray until there's no exit possible and all hint of hope is totally lost. Once this happens, the terrible Soul Eater takes his victim with his enormous hands and, with amazing skill, desembodies it's soul. The victim's outer shell, like a hollow body, lies torned over what would've been it's backside in other, happier, times.

The monstrous being devoures, with infinite patience, every bit of soul he's now got in his hands. The taste of every bite, makes his whole face lighten up, as if he were enjoying the bliss of heaven itself. And once he's done, he still takes his fingers to his mouth, in order to suck until the last drop of escence --waste not!

The scene is herrlich*, Hunter squatting on the floor, empty corpse on one side --curiously, there's no trace of suffering anywhere to be found. Some time passes by, during which the Soul Eater still enjoys the taste of his last meal on his mouth. Then, terrible as it is, this apparently cruel, heartless monster, opens his mouth and his thunder of a voice makes all the sorrounding things vibrate in terror... 

I want more cookies, he says.

Then crushes the now empty cookie box and throws it into the waste bin.