Dialogs with The Devil

Man: So... You're The Devil
Devil: Well... Yeeeeh, yes... yeah... aha.. yep, that would be me.
Man: I see... I thought you were red and had horns and a tail... And goat legs...
Devil: ~~ So much as you being the most intelligent species on Earth.
Man: Excuse me?
Devil: Nevermind. Those are just cliches, stereotypes... As you see, I'm nothing like that.
Man: Yeah, I see...
~ Silence ~
Man: So... You're going to torture me or something?
Devil: No
Man: Offer me Earthly power and happiness in exchange for my soul?
Devil: Not quite.
Man (pensively): hmm...
Devil: You want all that, right?
Man: Hmm.. Yeah, actually I do.
Devil: So you haven't noticed... huh?
Man: What are you talking about? What haven't I noticed?
Devil: Ok... Earthly power you say? Have you not noticed who is the dominant species on the planet? Earthly happiness? Come on! Sodom and Gomorrah are heavenly cities in comparison to today's societies. I mean... Are you sure you need me to give you those things? Your perversion goes as far as of being in a position of power over other humans through Religion! And not only that, you (laughs) make (laughs some more) wars in the name of God!!!
Man: They are not wars in his name. I was simply trying to bring my fellow humans to reason.
Devil: Oh yeah, God gives you freedom of choice and you take it away. Very magnanimous from you. So what if other men don't want to have the same beliefs than you? Who are you to force them to change?
Man: I was just worried for their souls.
Devil (laughing again): So you tortured them!
Man: Hm.. well... ehmm...
Devil (laughing loudly): And burned them alive!!! Genius!
Man: No, wait. Those were people who adored you.
Devil: Ah, of course, good old witches and some visionaries... You're sick.
Man: Sick? You're The Devil! It's mostly because of you that bad things happen here!!!
Devil: Wait a minute sonny. Be mostly careful with what you're saying. You know what was my gift for you?
Man: Yes, you tricked us into eating the fruit of Good and Evil, the fruit of Wisdom; you promised us that we would be as powerful as God himself!
Devil: Oh? So you're accepting your gilt of a deadly sin before my intrusion? Had you not greed, even before I tricked you? For it was your greed, envy and vanity which actually did the job for me. I just asked.
Man: No, you tricked us!
Devil: Yes, you think that, evade your responsibility, that's what I'm here for. But before you go on, stop a minute and review once more what happened after eating that fruit. What was of you before, and what became later. Is it not self awareness what you achieved? Were you not living like any other animal in the world, naked, without differencing between you and everything else? Was it not until after eating from the fruit that you gained self awareness? Is it not that self awareness which makes you so unique in comparison with other species? And, if you look back at it now, would you rather know nothing and live happily ignorant?
Man: But you are evil! You did that out of jealosy!
Devil: There you are wrong again, for I love humanity and I do much for you. I admire you and amuse myself at your creativity, that special ability of yours to complicate even the most simple of facts. On the other hand, I must say, I am only doing my part on The Great Plan. Do you really still think that God, being almighty, all knowing and all that, wouldn't know how everything was going to happen? I wasn't rebelling, I was fulfilling my task, the whole meaning of my existence is to guide you through life. I'm not bad, nor good. I am circumstances, I am God as much as you are, for we are both creation of his. I am abstract, something you can't touch, but can name; I am there to remind you about your responsibility to the world in which you live. Never forget that.
Man: I hadn't ever thought of it that way.
Devil: Some of you know, but they are rather few, and from them few, a handfull use that knowledge to gain power over other humans. You should stop and think who is the real evil entity here. You or Me.
~ Silence ~
Devil: Think about that.


Anonymous said...

Evil.. sin or thought, temptation.
Temptation is not about being evil, is just about thinking about your chances to be proud of yourself while you make someone think of himself.