Let there be sunshine

I'm going through and through, turning each page with despair. "Where was it?", I ask myself aloud. I remember reading it in one of these books, it has to be in one of them. "Ah, here!", I shout happily while holding a book with both hands (why is it that I always find what I'm looking for in the last place I look for it?)

I start reading aloud the text I finally found. Its words are so familiar that it seems they have always been part of me. As I keep on reading, the letters on the paper start moving, breathing, they seem to be alive. After a while it's not my voice I hear in the room anymore, but the book's. The text is alive and speaking to me, echoing in my head and out of it, in every corner of the World. I close my eyes, or at least I think I do, and everything turns to darkness. Slowly, I stop hearing, feeling, breathing, and a last thought silently soothes me. "So this is how it feels".


In a room, on the floor, lies an open book. A yellowish, warm light enters through the only window. Beside the book, an empty chair and a coffee table stand solemnly. On top of the table an ashtray holds a cigarette, which still lets out a fine thread of smoke, and an almost empty glass with some thick golden liquor in it. It smells sweet, like cloves and hazelnut.

Everything seems quite normal, just a minute ago someone was reading here. What was he reading though, is hard to tell. All the letters in the book are scrambled and only a few words can be made out.

Let there be sunshine



bubamara said...

uhhh! liki muchi este!!! :D