Bitter, but not disgusting. Just the right amount. I feel the slightly lemony vodka tonic, its million bubbles exploding everywhere in my mouth. The straw loses contact with my lips and the glass returns slowly to the bar. A sudden rush of air comes out of my mouth in form of a sigh, I turn right and there she is. A black, sleeveless dress, leaving not much to the imagination, white, somewhat tanned skin, straight blondish hair falling gracefully just down the ears, glasses, a most attractive face; «perfect», I tell myself. I take another sip of vodka tonic, she's surrounded by people, laughing, drinking, talking; she looks so happy.

--More salt sticks?
The barman, who had already noticed how I was looking at her, tells me while putting a new glass full of salt sticks in front of me.

--Marcelina. He said.
--Wha.. Sorry?
--The girl, her name is Marcelina.
--Oh, the... girl.. How did you? Was I too?... Nevermind...

The bartender laughs and keeps on serving the other clients, by the time he comes back he tells me she's having some kind of farewell party. She used to work here too, but now she has some things to do abroad and, well... She's leaving tomorrow morning.

I order a second vodka tonic and more salt sticks to kill time. I turn once again, resigned to look at her from afar and, after searching between all the faces, can't find her. «Must've gone to the restroom», I think and go back to my salt sticks.


Oh God... Now how do I get away from here? I know, I know, it's my party. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I should be enjoying myself. I know.

--Hey! Marcelina! Come here, look what we've got you

Great! They're all happy and enjoying themselves and... Well, actually I'm having fun too, but... Who's that guy?

--Yes, yes, I'm coming... Give me a sec. I'll just return this glass to the bar.

Phew, ok, now I just have to trip while taking this stupid glass and I'll have some excuse to talk to him. Okay, walking now. I hope he doesn't suddenly turn round.

--Oops! haha, almost dropped it... Sorry.
«Damn, he didn't even turn around»

--No problem, do you want something else? Or are you just returning the glass?
--I... I think I'll have a vodka tonic, please.
«Hm, what now? Should I sit right next to him? or not? Think, THINK. Oh, hell I sat. And I'm next to him, oh hell, oh hell... He doesn't even turn around»

--Heere you go, vodka tonic.


She's here. She came here. Well, follow the rules, don't turn to see her. Just keep it cool man.

--So, how's it going? The man on the bar.
--Oh well, not great. Got dumped some months ago and since, I just haven't met anyone else. Not one whom I'd like to know deeper, you know?
--Yeh, shit happens man.
--Yes. It does happen. Anyway, I'm not complaining. It's just... Well, man wasn't made to live alone you know? And sometimes I don't even know if I'm ever going to find the right one.
--Yeh, I know what you feel. What? A large pils? Yes, a moment. Yes, 3€, ok.. Thankyou, see you soon. Oh, hi! Do you want something? Or are you just returning the glass?

Vodka tonic! What are the odds? And she sat right by my side. Damn she's pretty! I wonder if I should say something.. Would she talk to me if I tried?

--Hey man! But... You know? I mean... Things happen man... Don't worry, you'll find something. I mean, look at me, 30, single, still dating, you know? Just live man...
--Yes, yes, that's the point. I know something will come. It always happens, and always when I'm not expecting it. Anyway... I'd just like to start again, you know? From scratch...
--Yeah dude. Yeah, totally... Wait, give me a sec. Be right back, have to keep up, you know.

So... Ok... Now I'm alone, with her. If I want to meet her, now's the time. Just.. Turn and say hi. That's all. Turn and say hi.

«God!, what a lame "hi"»

M. & D.

--Hi back
«Cool, after all, he does know I'm here»
--I'm David, I... It's the first time I come here... Nice bar, huh?
--Yes, nice.
«Haha, his hair on his forehead.. Kind of sweet»
--Sooo... You come... Often?
--Hmm.. you could say so. I used to work here.
--Ah, you worked here, I see... Cool.
--Yes, I liked it a lot.. Great people here, friendly all of them.. A little bit too happy perhaps. hihihi
--Yes, haha...
*** silence ***
--So... When are you leaving?
«Damn! Fucking idiot! Now she'll know you talked about her»
«How does he...?»
--Hmyeah! I, uhm... Heard something about it, yeh...
«Well, well, well»
--Ok, ok... I was looking at you and the bartender, this great, remarkable man here, noticed and told me one or two things.
--Is that so? And, what precisely did he tell you?
--Hum... yeeeaaahhh.. Well... stuff, you know?
«Damn... Now what do I do?»
--Haha, ok, stuff... So.. Anyway, I guess I should get back to my friends, you know?
«Aaaaaand?? Come on, come on! Ask me for my number!»
--Yeh, go have fun.
«Ask her for her number, ask her! Damn, she's standing up...»
** Silence **
--Hm, hey! Wait.
--Hmm.. Maybe... You'll come back someday? Perhaps we could go out for a coffe or something...
«Haha, yeah, right... If she still has the same number...»
--Yeah, perhaps we could.
«Hasn't aaaasked...»
--So... uhmm... Give you my number?
«Yes, great, that's way better. Now she can call me... If she wants»
--Yeah, great idea. Wait a minute
«Hmm... I won't call him... What is he thinking?»
--Cero, one, seven, six, six, six, haha, yes, I know, hahahaha... Three, cero, two, one.
--Cool. Thanks
«Great, he didn't ask for mine... Damn, perhaps I will have to call... Damn, damn, damn»
--Oh, know what? You can call me now, so I get your number.
«Yes, the best phrases come out without thinking»
--Ok. Good idea.


She calls, hangs up, I store the number and ask her name again, just that she doesn't get the impression that I'm some kind of stalker. She then gets up and goes back to her friends. Meanwhile I finish my drink, look at her a while more, occasionally catching her eye and baring a little smile. Then I pay and leave the bar not knowing if I'll ever see her again.


Ok, so it was a strange way of asking for my number. Very... Polite. Strange. Well, he has it now, that's what mattered. I wonder if he'll call though. Oh, we'll see. I hope he will.. He seemed interesting. Perhaps... Yes.. Maybe...