My questions for you

What if God didn't create everything?
What if there is no God?

Then what?
How did it all happen?
How does it all still happen?

What if we, together with all that is were the creators?
The idea is not that different from that of a God-being.
In fact, it's just another point of view. One much more evolved and much broader too.

It is not a single entity with some definite form, who lives in a definite place and thinks as a single being.
But the different interactions , agreements and disagreements of all that exists.
Every single bit creating something. Like an orchestra, where everybody creates a little part, and together they create a whole.

What if we are responsible for everything we do?
Would we still have the need for a Devil? A Hell?
What if we faced our consequences directly? Would we notice when we do something "wrong"?

What if there wasn't a God and a Devil and we were the only ones to blame for all good and bad that exists?
What if there wasn't a God and we were to rely on ourselves to overcome our problems?
What if there wasn't a Devil and we were to face the consequences of our misdeeds in life and not after we died?


bubamara said...

ok ya vi que alguien sí es bien katholish jijijijij