As I lay my cup of coffee down on the table I raise my eyes to find you looking at me. We stay like that a few seconds, then I turn towards the lake and let out a sigh. I don't need to see your face to know you're smiling. Without turning around, I reach for my cup of coffee and, on the way, our fingers meet each other --just like the world, it is a small table we're sitting at. My fingers caress yours. Your fingers kiss mine. We, through our hands, engage in a passionate kissing session which might not be suitable for under-age spectators. We let go, not really wanting to, and reach for our respective cups. I take a sip of coffee and listen to the slight breeze shaking the leaves on the surrounding trees --I know you also love that sound.

After emptying our cups, our hands reach out for each other and lay together on the table.

Sometimes silence draws us even closer than we already are...



bubamara said...

:'( oooohhh nach einem Streit mit herr teie weine ich mit diesem Text