So yeah... God said "thou shallst love thy fellow man", and based on that it is derivable that peace is highly valued and so on... But could anyone tell me what God said about ecology? Did he ever say "thou shallst not pollute or damage thy environment"? NO! And why? I mean, it's also part of his creation... Shouldn't it be equally regarded?

And what about other things like overpopulation? or gene manipulation?

And how many people know that only 144,000 souls are to go to heaven? (as written in The Bible), and why do children have to be baptized? Ok, so they're still paying for the Original Sin (the one committed by Adam and Eve); I thought Jesus had just been sacrificed in order to pay for all of humanity's sins... Was his sacrifice useless then?

And why is that the only way? What about the other religions? They're good people too, they try their best to live peacefully and respectfully and so on... Why are some wrong and some right?

Is it just me? Why are there so many people who just can't see how stupid this all is? Everything that religions achieve is war, hatred, racism, cultural clashes, suffering, lose of knowledge and scientifical research... Just so a bunch of men may have power over other men...

Come ON! It shouldn't be that difficult to see!