Viciously ever again

In a thought he thought he walked. While he walked, he talked, and, how much he talked!, he thought.


Walking in the darkness, I strive to find a way out. I hold my hands up front, "the zombie way", I think to myself and laugh for an instant. It must be a funny picture and I can't help but imagine that someone, for some unknown, strange reason, is watching me and laughing his guts out at the scene --there goes a guy, arms fully extended up front, slowly waving in every direction possible, feet taking turns to make ridiculously small steps, each time trembling all over with fear of bumping into something. Well, ok, perhaps it doesn't sound that funny, but I laugh anyway and still I can't avoid walking like that --except when I'm not walking at all because the laughter doesn't let me (I actually have to bend down to my knees to keep from falling because of it.)

Several hundreds of steps later, after falling twice to my knees laughing at myself, I finally reach what it seems to be a door (which is strange, given that I'm out in the open.) When I knock on the door, it's not the muffled sound that surprises me, but the sensation that that's all there is to it. Only a door. No house, no frame, just a door. I look for the handle, feeling the door all over, and, instead, I find a cold metal plate with what feels like a metal lid attached to it by a tiny ball on its top "probably the keyhole lid", I guess. Before I have any concrete thoughts, my curiosity takes over and I try to slide the lid open to one side. It slides, "so it is a lid", I tell myself and my curiosity is temporarily satisfied. I look to one side (not that it would have made a difference, given that I was swimming in a pudding-thick darkness), turn my eyes, turn rapidly to the other side, and take my hands instinctively to my pockets. "Hmm... Damn, I have no keys with me", I take a deep breath and then it comes again.

"Take a peek", he says, and at first I don't even know what's going on. "Come on, take a peek", he repeats. This time I freak out, normally, I hear that voice in my head, not out of it. Yet, there it is, the voice. It is as if someone else was there with me. No. Not someone else. It is as if myself was there with me. It is me who spoke, but. How?..

Light. White light.

The next I know, my right eye is slowly trying to adjust to the light. At the same time, I'm trying to figure out what the hell was that just a moment before. I try to make memory of whatever happened just before now and after me asking myself why was I hearing myself out of me, when the light doesn't blind me anymore and I can clearly see a shadow. I near the keyhole to have a better look and I see some guy, walking with really small steps and waving his fully extended arms in front of him as to not to crash with something.

I swallow a mouthfull of air and open both my eyes as wide as I can while I straighten up in a flash. I try not to think about anything, close the lid quickly, and slowly take a step aside as to give myself some time to digest what is happening. All the while, I keep staring at the door and, suddenly, I hear something approaching. The something comes very slowly towards me.

Closer, closer... Stop

For a moment I don't hear a thing. I hold my air and, just when I start breathing steadily (I'm thinking I somehow already know what's going to happen), I see a faint white light shine.

"Take a peek", I tell myself...



bubamara said...

take a peek in the zombie way hoohohoh

Space Oddi-ty said...

Pues ya prende la lámpara noooo??? jajajaja
Qué mala forma de hacerte reír, mal chiste para tan bella expresión artística...
Gurito, guritz...
Escribes muy chingón!
Cuídate mucho =0)