The way in is through

His eyes, dark as onyx, were fixed on her. She couldn't move, couldn't talk or even think clearly. All there was, was darkness. Darkness embraced her, as a snaring cloud of thick smoke. Slowly crawling in between the ever less light that reached her glassys, mixed with the air she breathed; slowly, ever so slightly, he intoxicated her senses, her being.

All her attempts at resistance were futile and, so, finally, she couldn't resist anymore. Her soul, now completely wrapped in twilight, shone as strongly as ever. It was as if, through his glistening black eyes, she had fallen into a deep abyss, a place of suck an intense bleakness that she felt there was no room for anything else; senses obscured, nothing to see, breathe or hear, the only thing to feel was this strong oppression on her heart. And suddenly, as if she had found a portal to another dimension, every single part of her was able to sense the world with such intensity. She opened her every sense to experiment this new universe of hers. She wanted to embrace it all, she was light and wanted to illuminate everything which existed. She wanted to mix herself with the air, the light, the sounds, the warmth; took a deep breath, exhaled and let go, illuminating and warming everything she touched.

On the background, as a crow flew past, his laughter was heard.



Anonymous said...

"But she wasn't outside this world. She have passed the darkness to see the light beyond her.
The love embraced her, but, in the past, she felt empty to feel the air, the dimension that was upon her eyes.
He dismissed that she was part of the darkness. She wants to save the world, in spite of the revenge she wanted to practice amongst it before.
His love, his darkness embraced her. She began to sleep and dream with him, she began to turn up his lights".