Look up, see the stars...

It's late and everyone has already gone to sleep. I get up from the couch and walk across the dimly lit living room to get my jacket. I think of it twice and decide that I do have the time to relax and think, «hell, I'm on vacation». So I take my jacket, put it on, get the keys from the table and silently go out of the room, across the hall, down the stairs, until I finally get out of the house.

Outside it's warmer than I thought. I reach for my cigarettes inside my jacket's right pocket and take them out --I don't really consider myself a smoker; nonetheless, I like to smoke the occasional clove cigarette. The pack is so old now that some of the cigarettes have actually lost some of their content. Oddly enough, the one cigarette I pull out of it happens to be one of them and has already lost at least two thirds of its body. «Oh well»

I lit my midget cigarette and look up to see the stars --there are so many to be seen.

There is a sigh now.


Somehow, I had to think of you.


Anonymous said...

Mmhh pero te acabaste una parte de ese cigarrito de la oscuridaaaaa
Te digo que el clavo no está padre... La mota está más chida... jajaj
Happy 2009!