Black as night, sweet as sin

Total darkness is thick. He laid on the mattress and, just before falling asleep, decided to open his eyes in a gesture of not giving in to Morpheus's temptations. As he lay there, he realized he had never before tried to be really aware of the darkness. He had been in dark rooms before alright, or some other dark places. However, he had never tried to be aware of it.

Now was the time for that, he decided.

He opened his eyes, and closed them again. Then he opened them once more, all this time just drinking the absence of light, feeling it. He moved his hands, his arms, his legs. Then he turned in the four basic directions, each one of them showing him the same view. After a while, he could feel the black thickness surrounding him, as if being submerged in an endless cup of a very very black coffee.

He drank it... He drank it all...

Until it filled him to the bones, and further, to the marrow... to his soul. Time, space, dreams, reality; everything fused into one and the same, and he surrendered himself to it.

That night, he didn't dream.