A mini brownie

They were sitting at the table. He had an exotic hot chocolate with chilli, she had a big cafe latte. He tried his cocoa and, slightly disappointed by the not-so-spicy taste, put his cup back on the table. They weren't talking much yet, just looking around, at the coffee shop's decoration, the lamps, the walls, the colour of the tables, the waitresses and their uniforms. A waitress came by and gave him his chocolate cake and her her brownie. The look on her face when she saw the tiny brownie was so cute, he had to laugh. Her narrowed eyes, which accented her oriental features, revealed such a disappointment. Like a kid, whose ice cream has fallen to the ground. He laughed once more, and then she laughed too. He said something, and she stared at him for a couple of seconds. Her look was... And, despite the lousy food, he fell in love.

They never returned to that coffee shop...