He put everything back in his backpack with the precise movements of a structured mind. Then he shut down the pc and, without waiting for it to complete its task, stood up and put on his beige blazer and then his brown jacket. Today he dressed lightly, since the weather forecast predicted a slight increase in temperature. To his surprise, not only was the forecast right, but he even got plenty of sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. After putting on his jacket, he went to get the rest of his things and left the office at a quick, yet not hasty, pace.

Buses were such an inconvenience. On one hand, he was very fond of public transportation and the many advantages it brought. Nevertheless, he also found it to be limiting, and at times even suffocating. The whole idea of being bound to a fixed schedule in order not to miss the bus or the train and, what's more, the time lost if such thing were to happen, just drew him nuts. That's why he had a bike. He would ride it everywhere. It was his freedom. It was his 2¢. It was his way of contributing to the world's welfare and it was how he proclaimed his sovereignty.
During Winter, however, he did not ride his bike to work and, thus, he had to depend on the bus.

"How annoying", he thought as he walked to the bus stop. Then again, he was almost there now, and the fresh air had done its job, freeing his mind of all thoughts concerning work.

The bus stop was still empty. He got there, it seemed, a bit too early. But "what the heck?", he thought, the weather was alright and he would use the extra five minutes to breathe this wonderful fresh air. He took a mouthful of air, breathing it slowly, enjoying its smell and feeling how it filled every inch of his body. Then he turned up to the sky and there they were. As if waiting for him to look at them, a bunch of stars and a big white moon, all looking at back at him. "What a view", he thought and stayed standing, his head facing upwards, admiring the scenery and talking to the lights in the sky.
Soon, people would come, the bus would arrive, they would all step in, and this would be over...

He took another deep breath, and wished...