I do, I really do...

As I step into the train, I can't help but to think of all the things I have to do and always forget doing. There's this email I have to send, I have to finish writing my thesis, there are some things I have to take care of at the office... And so on, the list continues.

For a minute, I get distracted and look outside through the window glass. I look at all the green --so much green!!-- outside. And the truth is: I LIKE the springtime.

I like the springtime, with its flowers and leaves, with the not-too-hot-but-not-too-cold weather; sunny, yet fresh... I like it, all of it.


Yes, I know, I know I complain incessantly about the evil pollen of doomy doom. But don't let that fool you, springtime is mytime.

Heh, I turn back from the outside scenery and see two people sitting a bit further down the wagon. He's quite an ordinary guy with a not-as-ordinary outfit that makes him look very gay. She's an ordinary girl with a broad smile and light brown hair. They sit opposite to each other. Not on the same aisle though. He has his own aisle, which is empty apart from him, and she has her own aisle, which she shares with another man who is clearly not with her. They are talking. Gay-looking-guy and ordinary girl. They talk from aisle to aisle. And I wonder: "why don't they sit together?"

Some time passes by, the not-so-ordinary people there are still talking, the train makes a stop, someone opens the doors from outside and the same someone steps into the train. Another ordinary guy. This one has brown, curly hair and his outfit says plainly "I'm German". He has a heart painted with black ink on his forehead...


I love your almond eyes.


bubamara said...

I look outside
and wherever I go you are there
you colour in the everyday wherever I go

de broadcast :)

la canción para tu post

Anonymous said...

I'd came from the shadow,
I come from the snow,
Shadow and snow
How random they come
Whatever this means
Green, green eyes
looked at my skin
Your eyes, black as my soul
turns blindness full of life