Out of sight

It's just another day in the midst of a very wet summer, rain has been heavily pouring down for two weeks. Today is not an exception. Millions of water drops fall from the broken skies, splashing everywhere, wettening everything they touch.

It is kind of fun, actually. If you ask the rain, she would tell you it's not a just a job that came with a how-to-wetten manual. No. It is also a hobby and, in some deeper way, a return home. Wettening, she would tell you, is her life.

Today, however, there is something different. Something disturbing. Like when you can see something with the corner of the eye, but it's not there anymore when you turn around to focus on it. Just like that, there is some... thing, eluding rain. Eluding the wettening.

-for today, he was wearing his detective clothes. to avoid the weather.-