The Builders

We call them The Builders, he said.

"They are, as you can see, pretty much like us. We don't know where or how they live though, all they ask in exchange for their help is music. A very cheap price if you ask me, haha". Thus he continued telling me about their society and their customs while I watched The Builders work. What a view! I tell you, if I hadn't seen them with my own eyes, I wouldn't have got the full grasp of it. They look pretty much like humans, until one realises that they are, in fact, giants. Now, that is very easy to picture, I've always imagined all sorts of things (giants included) since I was little kid. But to actually see one is a very different thing. My mind, not being used to such a view, had a difficult time believing it and it took me a long time of staring at them to finally accept it.

In the evening on that same day, I was invited to a small dinner party they were having out on some field. When the weather is nice like today, we like having dinner outside, he told me as I helped him carry some food and other stuff to an open field nearby the town centre. Sometimes we invite some of The Builders to join us. They love it when we start playing music and dancing, he said as he laid the things on the grass and saw the surprised expression on my face at the sight of four Builders coming towards us.

It was a great party, I must say. We had a simple -but delicious- meal and then some local band started playing and everyone started dancing. When everything finished, I went back to the room they had very nicely prepared for me, and wrote a few good memories on my travel journal. I hope I can come back sometime soon and have another dinner and see more about the life here. Maybe I can even get to talk to one of The Builders, you never know.