Walking down the path

It's been some months now since I joined the unemployed's force. I've been struggling hard to go back to the old good vice of working for a living and getting a fairly good salary. All to no avail.

I'm exaggerating, I also eat, like everyone else does, and I have a little room in a shared house, so I have to get at least some money. I have a job, I do. I am officially a software developer at a small company based in some important financial city. My job, though, pays me barely enough to make a living. The constant stress of finding myself in a tight economical situation is actually my way of life now. I know not the tranquility that I pursue.

But why am I saying all this? And, most of all... Why should I complain?

So I can't afford traveling, or buying a car or a computer even. Is that really so important?

All I have to do to know I can keep going on is turn around and look. For it is when I see her; when I look into her eyes, that I know I must be doing something right.

If life can get as good as this, then it might as well get better. And it's worth fighting for it.

End of today's entry. Now go have fun ;)