Am I?

I am kind of pissed. Truth is, I like her. I like being with her, and being for her. When it all started, I knew it was going to be difficult. The circumstances, we used to say. The circumstances.

Little did I know, it wasn't only going to be difficult, it was going to be painful as well, and it would test my patience. This situation has been taking the best of me in a time where I'm not at my best. I feel the unjustice of it all and the burden is too big to bear. My heart pounds with fury whenever I think I'm being treated like I am. My brows are permanently knitted and my face is that of a person in pain. And I ask myself why. I should be happy that she loves me, shouldn't I?

Then there are times, when I can't avoid snapping. I snap at anybody, I swear and I call names to people I don't even know, just because they happen to walk at a slower pace than I do. I snap at her too. I know I shouldn't, I know how I am when I'm upset. This is not what I want. The worst part is when I try to explain to her why is it that I'm snappy, or that I'm in pain. I cannot understand how does she do it, or why. But somehow, she ends up being mad at me, and, all of a sudden, I'm the bad guy.

Am I the bad guy?


caballo caldera said...

yo te entiendo. asi es el pedo en las relaciones y no esta cool

Anonymous said...

Pain is a symptom... not a disease.
Yo la verdad es que estoy triste, porque después de meses de dolores y arranques C'est fini.
Asi es esto del rock and roll (supongo)

Nny said...

Yo creo que sí eres el bad guy. Probablemente no en la relación, pero por lo demás, sí. Después de todo, Noodles are evil.