Entry No. 2

I finished reading Dracula today. I loved the book; I know it's supposed to be a horror story, but more than that it was just a fantastic narration. Time to start a new one now. Let's see what comes.

Anyway, back to life. The last few days have been very trying for me. My mood isn't improving anything at all; quite the contrary, I find myself waking up in an even worse mood than the day before. I am so snappy that it takes a lot of effort not to start shouting at people or doing stupid stuff. Even worse is the fact that it's starting to get to my nerves that my girlfriend hangs out so often with her ex, which is something completely new to me, and very annoying.

By the end of the day I'm so tired of all this shit that I just lie down on bed, cover myself all the way up to the ears and wish I won't wake up, ever again.



Eva Posas said...

creo que te entiendo perfecto gurito. abracito!!