I am not a writer. I have no idea what a real writer does. Where would one write drafts? Does a real writer write drafts? Or maybe one just writes as it goes... 

I have no clue.

I might be an amateur writer, one that pours the occasional thought on paper; a journal entry today, an attempt at a short story tomorrow. But that's as far as it goes.

A few days ago, I saw some pictures of famous authors. Some were authors I like, some others were authors liked by friends of mine. In any case, they all shared this intellectual look. Disheveled hair, smart look on their eyes, a half consumed cigarette between their lips... What let me thinking: I am not a heavy smoker either. You could even put me together with the non-smoker group. The truth is that I'm no more than your average Joe. I listen to music, just as any other bloke, I dress casually --so casually that I am usually camouflaged with the rest of the average Joes out there-- and the look on my face is almost as absent as that of any other person you might find in a lift.

A random woman approached me today while I has having a smoke --the first one in months. She asked, without waiting for me to take my earphones off, if I had a cig for her. After taking freeing one ear I asked her to repeat her question, to which she repeated, do you have a cigarette you could share? So I reached for my cigs, took one out, lit it for her and engaged into a meaningless 2 minutes conversation, after which I wondered if she really wanted a cigarette or just wanted to talk to someone. 

Unimportant. I put my cigarette off, tossed the thought aside, and stepped into the train waiting for me to take me to my office. I put my music back on and a thought stroke my mind...

I am not a writer



+oRLy+ said...

mi post favorito de la temporada... si publico un libro lo incluiré... es mi favorito! ¿cómo dejarlo fuera?

Anonymous said...

You are not a writer because you suck. Not because you suck at writing, but because you rather be a geek than a writer.

Hmmm, I don't think you ever were an average Joe, but hey, that's just me.

Good post, but quit smoking, you damn Noodle.